Welcome to Balsarathi

In today's era of international personality development this institution has its great effort to develop the multi directional approach of the students and explore their talents so that they can compete with today's international scholars. We feel that the best way to teaching and learning is through group discussion and creativity and writing. The continuous interaction between teachers and the students helps us gain a better insight into contemporary educational system.

The motto of this institute is to:

  • Produce the excellent skilled capable and educated manpower so that they can contribute a lot to the nation.
  • Develop the frankness, confidence and competitive nature in students so that the frankness and outstanding behavior win over reserved and withdrawal kind of captivity.
  • Preparing a strong foundation for higher studies.
  • Providing quality education according to the interest of students in their concerned areas.
  • Providing equal opportunities to all the students to foster their hidden talents in a free and friendly environment.